Candels of truth
Directed by:
  • Csaba Székely: Candels of truth
  • Genre: historical drama
  • Hall: Main Hall
  • Premiere: 15 november 2023, 19:00 National premiere
  • Composer: Tibor Cári
  • Set Designer: Beáta Sós
  • Costume Designer: Rebeka Hatházi
  • Assistant Director: Vanda Talán
  • Prompter: Katalin Tóth
  • Stage Manager: László Szakács
  • Light designer: Róbert Majoros

At the beginning of the 1940’s, Bezidul Nou is seemingly still an island of tranquility, as the most diverse religions, denominations, and worldviews get along in an exemplarily peaceful coexistence. Among these, a small Seklar community lives here that, since the Middle Ages, follows Jewish customs. They are the Sabbattarians. During the second half of the 19th century, most of the converted to Judaism, and, by the time when our story begins, they are Seklars with Jewish religious identity. They coexist undisturbedly with the rest of the village, but, when Transylvania is annexed to Hungary, the politics of Budapest suddenly breaks into their lives. From then on, ethnic origins, and religious identity become a matter of life and death.

Csaba Székely’s The Candles of Righteousness commemorates the ordeal of the people in Bezidul Nou. The author approaches this decidedly staggering subject with profound empathy, and his peculiar sense of humour. We are offered a glance into the existence of a community where everyone have always gotten along with eachother, except for those four years when the authority violently intervened in their lives. The drama tells the story of those four years. The opening of the drama is directed by Aba Sebestyén, with music composed by Tibor Cári.