Glass Shoe
Directed by:
János Mohácsi
  • Ferenc Molnár: Glass Shoe
  • Genre: comedy
  • Hall: Main Hall
  • Premiere: 10 march 2016, 19:00
  • Length: 3 hours 45 minutes,with 2 pauses
  • Dramaturg: István Mohácsi
  • Music: Márton Kovács
  • Set Designer: András Mohácsi
  • Costume Designer: Krisztina Remete
  • Assistant Director: Bea Fülöp
  • Costume Designer Assistant: Annamária Szabó
  • Set Designer Assistant: Gábor Huszár
  • Stage Manager: László Szakács
  • Prompter: Erzsébet Sugó


Molnár Ferenc’s drama, published and premiered in 1924, is a Budapest Cinderella transcription – of course in Molnár’s ironic and heartbreaking version.
It is given a rural teenager, who works in her aunt’s pension – where only male tenants live – she is being scolded all the time and her only happiness is if she can buy tickets to the balcony of the National Theater. But this is not all, because she is in love, with one of the lovers of her aunt (later her fiancée), a grumpy man in his fifties, from whom she cannot really hope for nothing more.
The three acts are about the rare encounter of desire and reality, which is about the heart of this little maid with glass slipper shoes. One can find in it the comedy of dreams, the tragedy of dreams and the beauty of the redeeming dreams. These words were written by Földi Mihály in the magazine Nyugat, right after the premiere.

Mohácsi János, a worthy artist, leaving his economics studies, came out as a theater director in Kaposvár, known for its a legendary workshop, where he worked as a director until 2010 and as a teacher at the University of Kaposvár.
He is not only the director to his productions, but in many cases the writer too: many of his performances are put on the stage with his dramaturg brother, Mohácsi István.

Mohácsi’s text treatment is radically unique in his directions “he presents every story to us, just as Katona József, Shakespeare, Goldoni or Schiller would do”. (Kiss Gabriella)