Bulgakov 17
  • Mihail Bulgakov: Bulgakov 17
  • Műfaj: dráma
  • Helyszín: Nagytermi stúdiótér
  • Bemutató: 2017. május. 4., 19:00
  • Időtartam: 2 óra 45 perc, szünet nélkül

based on Mikhael Bulgakov: The Master and Margarita

What if you would meet a mysterious stranger in a moment of complete despair? And what if this stranger would save you from despair? With no obligations… You would just be requested to sign a little contract. Free of abusive clauses, written with small letters. The sole condition would be to look in his mirror that would show you your most hidden desires. Those that you are so scared of that you wouldn’t even dare to utter. Would you accept this challenge? Anything that you would see in that mirror? Would you sign that contract? Would you accept salvation at any cost? Would you get yourself free of fears? Or cowardice, that we are already accustomed to, is much bearable…?

Országos Színházi Fesztivál Bukarest, Románia