Journey to the Center of the Earth
Directed by:
Radu Dinulescu
  • Genre: performance for families
  • Hall: Studio Hall
  • Premiere: 8 may 2011, 18:00
  • Translator: Radu Dinulescu
  • Costume Designer: Gwenaelle Picherit
  • Animation, Musical Illustration: Armand Richelet-Kleinberg
  • Assistant Director: Costin Gavază
  • Prompter: Dana Arțuche
  • Stage Manager: Stelian Chițacu

(after Jules Verne)

Journey to the Centre of the the Earth is a special performance, unique due to the 3D tehnique used in stage adaptation. Although attending a performance set on a stage with real actors, the audience are under the impression that they see a film projection. The performance is targeted to both children and grown-ups, similarly to the way in which Verne’s novels have captivated several generations, irrespective of age. Through the lenses of tri-dimensional glasses, the adventures of Verne’s heroes become magical. The performance is a magical experiment of entering a fantastic world, the centre of the Earth, which drives Professor Lindenbrock as irresistibly as a magnet. Try out this kind of gravitation force!