Lie Detector
Directed by:
  • Vasilii Sigarev: Lie Detector
  • Genre: comedy
  • Hall: Studio Hall
  • Premiere: 9 june 2019
  • Length: 1 hours 50 minutes, without pause
  • Set and costume designer: Măriuca Ignat
  • Translator: Ion Vântu
  • Composer: Sebastian Tătar
  • Stage Manager: Stelian Chițacu

The story of Boris and Nadejda is the comic and tragic story of a couple on the fine edge of love and hatred. Twenty years of marriage, accumulating frustrations and lies, come to light by hypnosis, triggering a laugh-crying, panic, revolt, despair. A strong, living, unprecedented comedy with transition between laughter and emotion, smile and introspection.