Returning to Denmark
Directed by:
  • Csaba Kiss: Returning to Denmark
  • Genre: drama in two parts
  • Hall: Main Hall
  • Premiere: 26 april 2019, 19:00
  • Length: 2 hours 45 minutes, with 1 pauses

The story of the play Returning to Denmark, like the Shakespearean tragedy Hamlet, takes place in ancient Denmark, in an unspecified era. The characters, with the exception of the Prince, bear the same name as in the original play. Moreover, the elements, events, intrigues and murders rhyme more or less with the drama of the Elizabethan era – the “Spirit” is present, there are actors, there is also the scene “Mousetrap”, real and played madness, prayer of repentance, Ophelia’s suicide, duel and the final Fortinbras.

So what has changed? Why don’t we play the original tragedy? The explanation for this lies in the surprising and unknown accents of the new play, in the questions of the twentieth century, other than those of Shakespeare’s time.

The play Returning to Denmark is the story of a family. A boy returns home from abroad and faces a crisis. How does the family deal with the consequences of a crime? How does everything go around because of the lies? How do family relationships break down? In addition to human circumstances, the emphasis is on the cynicism of power: as long as power is protected from an appearance, there is no enemy. But the truth has no power, only the appearance has. Although the Norwegians and Danes are fighting in this story as well, it is a story about us in a time when a regime changes, about our strange and confused attitude towards sin, power and forgiveness.