Directed by:
Melinda Kántor
  • Ferenc Martos, Jenő Huszka:
  • Genre: operetta
  • Hall: Main Hall

The young Count László Illésházy inherited only debts. The family castle is bought by Baron Malomszegi and he and his daughter Lili move in. László is about to leave when the new owners arrive. Lili considers László the tenant of the castle, and he is eager to get in on the act, not only because he is interested in unusual situations as a playwright, but also because the young woman is fascinated by him at first sight. Baron Malomszegi, believing that money can buy everything, wants to marry his daughter off to the young Count Illésházy. But no one suspects that the new lackey is the count himself. In Baroness Lili’s ‘situation’, everyone wants someone – they are all different and yet the same. Jenő Huszka’s dream of creating a opera, enriched with the greatest hits, takes us to the extremes of passion and comedy.