The Party
Directed by:
Attila Keresztes
  • Sławomir Mrożek: The Party
  • Hall: Underground
  • Premiere: 17 may 2024, 19:00

„I’ve read in the newspaper that the end of the world is not coming, after all. I wanted to celebrate the good news, went to McDonald’s, and ordered a hamburger… Up to now, I consumed them unenthusiastically, because I was expecting the catastrophe… But now, the world has a future. So, I doubled up on the ketchup…” /SławomirMrożek/

There is always a reason to celebrate, to have fun, that is – to party: either because the end of the is coming, or because it’s cancelled. This seems to be obvious in our modern world, as there are back to back big-time musical events, parties, and mega-concerts in our „festival society”. For our global communities, formed at the dawn of the 21st century, careless fun is basic need. These events serve as release valves for social, and psychological tensions caused by exactly by globalism, capitalism, and in fact, all the „isms” of our present.

This is the exact state of the world that SławomirMrożek taps into in his absurd drama, The Party, a clear relative to dramatic literary creations like Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot. Three young men are looking for an opportunity  to have fun during a seemingly endless night, because they heard that „there’s a party”, as there must be a party, either here, or elsewhere. Their search itself is a party, hilarious, as Mrożek’s absurd is unimaginable without bitter-sweet irony, and an almost grotesque humour. He shows his characters both as  hotheaded drunk, and children in need of encouragement; both as villains, violent to others, and themselves, and errants waiting for salvation.

This rarely played drama by the Polish playwright was put on stage by Attila Keresztes, in a particular style: two casts, one all male, and one all female.

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