• Ivan Vîrîpaev: Disquiet
  • Hall: Studio Hall
  • Premiere: 14 november 2023, 19:30
  • Length: 1 hours 45 minutes, without pause
  • Set and costume designer: Velica Panduru
  • Light design: Cristian Niculescu
  • Sound design: Andrei Raicu
  • Translated by: Raluca Rădulescu
  • Set and Costume Designer Assistant: Sabina Reus
  • Stage movement: Flavia Giurgiu
  • Prompter: Iolanda Belbe
  • Stage Manager: Stelian Chițacu

A complex playwright engaged in the social and psychological depths of the contemporary man, Ivan Vyrypaev presents a very actual story in which the echoes of the latest news join the ones of older historical events in a frame that the passing of time has only enhanced.
Young Polish journalist Krzysztof Zieliński manages to secure an exclusive interview with the famous American writer Ula Richter, also born in Poland. Famous not just for her literature but for her sharp, cautious and uncomfortable personality, Ula Richter seldom gives interviews, which turns them into major events. Just when her career is marked by controversies and is deteriorating, a sample of honesty might rehabilitate her to readers and an increasingly polarized world whose reluctance to nuances makes it prone to annihilation over assimilation.
Displaying a skillful balance between fantasy and reality until they merge, Vyrypaev’s play successfully hypnotizes its public just like Ula Richter hypnotizes her interviewer. The sudden shifts of roles and levels question the very essence of truthfulness and also the core of a reality whose shapes often seem clear whilst they are sketching a never-ending set of interchangeable illusions.

A provocative and suspenseful performance, equally poetic and disconcerting, it also states the possibility, beyond its unsettling title, for hoping that, at some point, everything will make sense and contradictions will vanish just like our very own lives.