Some girl(s)
Directed by:
  • Neil LaBute: Some girl(s)
  • Genre: contemporary dramaturgy
  • Hall: Studio Hall
  • Premiere: 27 november 2020, 19:00
  • Length: 2 hours 10 minutes, without pause
  • Set and costume designer: Irina Chirilă
  • Translator: Bogdan Budeș
  • Stage Manager: Teodora Crăciun

A thirty-something womanizer planning to get married, does his love life’s balance sheet and finds that it’s not really honourable. The currently rehabilitating former macho realizes that he has mistreated many of his ex-partners and now, before matrimony, decides to meet five of them in order to face his guilty conscience and, maybe, to cleanse it.
Neil LaBute’s play explores the tensed dynamics between genders, the complicated relations between their motives and personal fears or cowardice but also the effects that time exerts on people’s lives. Some Girl(s) is a sour comedy about the destinies of five women of different ages and from different places, linked together by a man who left a mark on their lives.