The Seagull
Directed by:
  • Anton Pavlovics Csehov: The Seagull
  • Genre: play
  • Hall: Main Hall studio arrangement
  • Premiere: 20 november 2015, 19:30
  • Length: 2 hours 40 minutes, with 1 pauses

I have talked so much about the new forms, and now I feel, that I am slowly drowning in routine – says Treplev in the last act of The Seagull.

The realization of a meaningless life, the more one struggles it becomes bitterer.

But what gives meaning to life?

Some characters will find the answer to this question in creation – some in conformism, others in breaking out from traditions – some of the characters do not find it at all, probably they are not even searching for it or simply they do not care.

The manor-house and the far away city, recurring scenes In Chekhov’s plays, become a setting that gives meaning to the creation, or on the contrary, it makes the creation totally impossible, a setting where the primal question is the incomprehensible line between the talent and the lack of talent of the creator.

Besides this, Chekhov’s wrecked, struggling characters are part of a love polygon, in which everyone identifies their chosen one by redemption, but there isn’t much perspective for completion…