We are Made of Stardust
Directed by:
  • Scott Johnston: We are Made of Stardust
  • Genre: youth theatre performance
  • Hall: Underground
  • Premiere: 5 november 2013, 18:00
  • Length: 50 minutes, without pause

Scott Johnston:

“Welcome to tonight’s performance WE ARE MADE OF STARDUST. I have had the pleasure of working with eighteen young people from Tîrgu-Mureş on devising this performance.

We have worked for 20 hours over eight days and what you will see has been shaped by their ideas, hopes and visions of being a young person in this city. I hope this work will herald the development of a permanent youth theatre at the National Theatre.
As a great Scottish playwright wrote: “Teach the children to dream, there are not better riches than imagination”.

Cast: Rareş Man, Mihai Boar, Ioana Mihaela Moldovan, Larisa Aluniţa Mureşan, Liviu Gheorghiţă Muruţan, Bakó Blanka, Barabás Kriszta Melinda, Kiss Diana Alexandra, Valdélvira Garcia Alba, Iulia Teodora Maior, Papp Gyopár, Bende Andrea, Ioan-Petru Degan, Kacsó Anita, Tary Ágnes, Simionca Andreea Diana, Moldovan Roxana, Vass Márton