Directed by:
  • Jean-Baptiste Poquelin – Molière: Tartuffe
  • Genre: play
  • Hall: Main Hall studio arrangement
  • Premiere: 26 april 2015, 19:00
  • Length: 1 hours 30 minutes, without pause


Some might say he is living a pure and virtuous life. Others might say he is a trumped-up judge of morality. A modest, devoted believer – artificially pious, yet pompous. Some worship him, others blaspheme him. When Tartuffe appears in the second part of Moliere’s play, his real identity is dimmed by the contradictions of the others’ opinion. However, one thing is certain: the power of Tartuffe over Orgon. He comes as a stranger to Orgon’s house and instantly wins the master of the house’s unconditional trust, gaining an unlimited power over him and step by step over the rest of the family, who are incapable to fight against Orgon’s will, letting Tartuffe to have access even to their material goods.

Similarly to his other character comedies, Moliere defines a ready-to-be-unveiled repulsive human quality in the character of Tartuffe – in a tone far from being playful: hypocrisy. The story has two possible outcomes: the hypocrite is unveiled, punished and moral balance is restored in Orgon’s house, or he utterly takes a knock because of his naivety.